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What is the difference between Web Development and Web Design?

There are 2 aspects in having a website: A front end, and a back end. A front end among web professionals, refers to the design of your website. This includes the look and feel of a website. Back end refers to all the other components in making sure that your site runs the way that it's supposed to. It defines the functionality and integration of the website. Think of back end as the battery of your car. You need a good battery for the car to run well. Your website needs a good back end for it to be competitive in the world wide web.

How long will it take for my web site to be developed?

The timescale of creating a website vary depending on the client and other factors. We encourage that the client provide us with all the necessary content, such as text and images, to cut the time of waiting.

What kind of technology do you support?

ShouriWeb currently offers support in the following programming languages and applications: HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL Database Server. We specialize in Open Source web applications, such as, Wordpress, MyBB, Joomla, etc.

Your technology doesn't include Flash. Does this mean you don't support Flash?

We actually do support Flash. They are interactive and good on the eye, but we do not encourage doing them because they are not good for most business. Unless your website contains both HTML and Flash version, we strongly advice our clients to avoid them. Flash is not search engine friendly and may not be user friendly to some users.

What does site customization involves?

Our customization involves minor tweaking to complete revamp and integration of templates that can be customized to your needs. Currently, we ask that you either provide us a template to work with or you can purchase a template from us. We provide various selection of templates from Since we are NOT graphic developers, we do not design templates from scratch. However, we can help you with obtaining static graphics and logos for your website. We can also customize forums and blogs according to the template you provide or purchase from us.

Why is your cost so low compared to other web developer companies? Is there a catch?

Our customers are always satisfied with the work we do on their website. Our rates are low because we simply do not believe in overcharging our customers. If you find a cheaper quote, let us know and we will try to beat it. There is absolutely no catch. It's as simple as giving us your content, telling us how you want it done, and leaving it to us to put together.

Can you give an exact quote for my site?

We can provide you an estimate for your site on a project basis. Some websites require more work than the others. There are times when we may encounter troubleshooting issue on your site. All factors are considered in the final invoice and therefore we cannot give an exact quote until the site is 75% done. On most cases, our estimate will be the total price on your invoice. If this change, we will inform you of any problems we encounter while building your website. Our staff will be in continuing contact with you until your site is complete.

What if I don't like the site you developed?

We have never encountered this problem since we are always in touch with our customers and require their approval for every development step we take. If you are not happy with the testing stage, we will fix the problem on our end until our customers are happy with it. Because of the already low rate that we are providing you, once the project is in the final stage, any changes on the site will be billed accordingly.